Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Writer's Block.

The sun had just set a few hours ago.
I saw the playground cleared up, the the crows flew away to their nests, and the moon slowly creeping up the sky.
And the azan followed not long after.
Ah, a beautiful, sweet melody to my ears.
Praising Allah the Almighty, asking us to pray, to seek blessing from Him.
The moon was gleaming on the night sky.
The stars stood alongside of it like glitters glued on a black piece of paper.
And here I was, sitting in front of the laptop.
Amusing myself with the delightful smell of coffee from the kitchen, and the sound of crunching biscuits.
I guess my dad was hungry.
I thought for hours and hours, thinking of a wonderful story to share.
And yet, I still can't find the perfect lines to start it with.
I guess this is what they call a ''writer's block''.
The sky was darkening; well, darker than it already is.
I sigh.
I knew what was going to happen.
And sure enough, raindrops fell on the roofs, making a noisy beating sound.
But my grief did not last very long.
I was saved... by the strong wind billowing, pushing the dark clouds away.
The wind is my hero, my strength.
Will sweep away my troubles and tears.
Will give me a push to get me up whenever I'm down.
Will make me feel like flying whenever the wind swept my ears.
The wind is my lover.
I can feel its love, but I cannot see it.
The wind had just delivered me hope.
A hope for another beautiful morning tomorrow, accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. <3

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