Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Travelogue Korea: N Seoul Tower.

N Seoul Tower, is the place for lovers. I love-hate this place, because the view is awesome and the place is amazing, but I hate it because....

Man, do I feel lonely there.

How to get there:

From Suwon, take Line 1 heading to Guro and transfer to Line 4 at Geumjong Station. Take the Line 4 heading to Seoul Station and get out at Myeongdong Station. 

Too tired >.<

And after what seems like hours from Suwon, we finally arrive at Myeongdong... But not for shopping of course. From Myeongdong Station we walked all the way to N Seoul Tower Oreumi, which is the elevator up to the Cable car station. We choose to take up the Oreumi because it wasn't a really short walk and we're actually DONE with walking for that day (it wasn't an easy walk from Myeongdong Station to the Oreumi; steep slopes, I tell ya!). From there, take up a cable car to N Seoul Tower (I don't remember the price for the cable car). 

The Oreumi


Peace ^^V

And not to mention, after the barely 5 minutes ride on the cramped cable car, you have to gather all your strength to climb up the stairs to actually get to N Seoul Tower, the observatory and all. Pftt. I'm telling you it was quite a challenge, especially during that freezing, cold night. But on the plus side, I think the view looks better at night. 

Queue >.<

Nightview :)

Seoul City.

Walking to N Seoul Tower.

Muka penat =___=''

N Seoul Tower itself is famous, even before the place became one of the most famous scenes in the Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers" (remember Jandi and Junpyo slept inside the cable car?), for it is located in the city center, and from here you can see the whole view of Seoul. If you're not satisfied just from looking at the city from a higher place, you can get a ticket to the observatory and revolving restaurant at the tower for a 360 degrees view. And besides than just enjoying the scenic view, other attractions includes the infamous Teddy Bear Museum, the arcade games, couples souvenir shop, love locks place and etc.

Seoul <3

N Seoul Tower.

Pose maut xD

My mum & I <3

The Pavilion.

Ticket office to the observatory & teddy bear museum.

Teddy bears.

For me, I didn't go up to the observatory (too tired I think, and anyway I'm VERY satisfied with the view from the pavilion), but my dad and his friend did, so my mum and I just walked around the pavilion. We went to the souvenir shops, there's a lot of couple items here, and very cute <3 And then we walked around the place cramped with lovelocks, and I just couldn't believe how plenty were there, it's mad! And after a while, we got really tired, so we just sat and had a fun time people-watching near the rooftop terrace. But mainly it's just couple getting really "romantic" (get my meaning) and going easy on each other, but other than that, the place is just fine :)

Lovelocks trees <3

Love seat, its designed that way, I didn't cause it to be inclined in the middle.


Love tiles <3

Shopping ^^


Souvenir shop

Love you <3

Anak ayah, hehe <3

Last look before we left.

On our way back, we had to go through the maddening journey again (stairs-cable car-oreumi-walk), but although tired to the max, we had a fun day. When we got back, we had  dinner (supper, more like) and a bit of R&R. 

To be continued----Yangpyeong English Village.


Azhwany Anuar said...

tempat running man jugak ni. Envy you! haha

Syu said...

Hehe gila running man punya kes jgk ke wanyy? haha ;D