Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Hangang River Cruise.

Like adding cherry on top of a cake. Like adding a few last touches on a painting. PERFECT <3 And what perfect way to end our expeditions in Korea other than getting on the Hangang River Cruise <3 

How to get there:

From Yeouido, we took the Line 5 to the next stop, Yeoinaru! Okay, that's it, haha. It was a short journey on train, but certainly not on foot. So by hook or by crook, we've got to get on the Subway anyway. We bought the tickets for the "Hangang Magical Cruise" at 2.30 p.m. (we missed the 1.30 p.m. cruise by a few minutes), but I don't remember the price(it's been too long since then), and don't ask me why it's name was so cheesy: "Magical" indeed!

So, since we've got an hour gap before our cruise, we decided to chill out at Lotteria (a little like McDonalds) at Port B (there were two ports, by the way, Port A, which we were supposed to board at, and Port B). Yeah, actually, we were hungry :D So we bought a prawn burger, fried squids and french fries! It's halal of course, since the oil was the usual vegetable oil and the food was cooked separately, so it's fine :) And after that, we had fun people watching while waiting for the cruise ;D

At Lotteria, muka lapar >.<

Say, "kimchi~!" ^^V

Makan sampai 7 ribu. Nasib baik bukan Ringgit Malaysia.


Coffee :)

Tunggu cruise.



Merenung orang jauh~~~ Bajet emo je, HAHA.

Why was it called "Magical" cruise? Surprisingly, it was because there was a magic show during the cruise! The idea seemed absurd to us anyway, because we'd preffer to watch the scenery rather than the magic show, really, and not to mention that the show, the music, the windy atmosphere (although we sat indoors) and the slow moving cruise made us feel relaxed---- And really drowsy xD In the end, only my dad and I had some guts to bear the cold wind and went outdoors to take pictures. The view of the infamous Hangang River and the historical bridges accompaniying it was amazing <3

Hangang River!

Relaxing inside the cruise.

Ayah aku memang suka posing.

Beutiful Han River <3

Magic Show =__=''

Tengah rehat kaki sebab banyak sangat mengesot. Haha.

Ni kira emo juga ke?

Okay this is over-reacting =__=

Cruise deck ^^

I didn't see anything. You had to pay to see through that telescope =__=''

Pose pegang telescope pun jadi lah kot?

Korean Flag :)


My dad :D

Happy cruising :)


Seagull xD


Lepas masuk indoors balik, apply lipbalm. Sejuk sangat sampai kering bibir den. Huhuu.

Lip balm yang sweet from Etude House <3 Sempat promote, hehe :D

I think this was called the twin bridge.

Aku jadi mangsa kena urut kaki ibu masa tengah rehat dalam cruise. Perghh! Bau kaki dia! Pengsan~

After the one hour cruise (half an hour cruise, another half an hour to get back), we had a long stroll at the park next to the port. I think Running Man was here, but I'm not sure, since Hangang is so huge! But the thought that probably Running Man was filmed here really made me happy, hehe. Running Man, saranghae <3
And so, that was the end of our expeditions in Korea! No more sighseeing beautiful Korea! Rather sad, really :') Next, was our mission time--- Shopping and souvenirs!

Leaving Hangang :')

Yeouinaru <3


Strolling at the park.

Leaving :"(

To be continued---- Shopping Spree!


nis said...

bestnye dpt gi situ.. nk ikot..

nis said...

bestnye.. nk ikut.. gi korea berapa ek harga tiket?

jemput tgk entry nis yg nie:


Syu said...

Hehe, lain kali kite pergi same2 okay xD

harga tiket? hehehe xtau lak, parents yg uruskn, al-maklum lah penganggur terhormat sekarang ni :D pegi korea tu pun budget agak2 jea xD

btw, thankyou utk post tu! Dah baca dah, terharu >__< tqvm <3

nis said...

ur welcome.. Minat bace entry kak syu.. Yela.. nak gi korea.. x dapat gi,.. tunggu dapat 5A UPSR baru dpt gi.. ^^

p/s: Pegi korea ade jumpa artis tk?? hehehe.. Kalau ade, citer lah kt blog eh?? Sharing is caring.. ^^

Azhwany Anuar said...

Tempat Running man jugak!! haha, ni yg nk pg korea ni. Btw syu pg tk job world?

Syu said...

Nis: hee. Gudluck for UPSR! Fighting~~~ ^^ Artis? Huhuu. Jumpe banner artis aje adalah. >_< Sedihhh T_T

Wanyy: Yeahh, Running Man daebak ^^ Hehe. Jobworld ni mesti tgk Running Man semalam ni kan? ;D Nope, syu xpegi. Xtau pun ade, kalau tak, running man punye pasal, syu pegi jgk kot xD

Azhwany Anuar said...

Aah tgk smlm punya RM lah ni. Sbb cool gila kan. Haha. Pengaruh RM smua ni. haha

Syu said...

Haha. Suke giler lah tgk RM. ^^ Syu kat korea kn biler smpai je kt mane2 tmpat RM pernah pegi, syu lompat2 dulu excited punyer psal, haha xD