Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hallyu? Goshh!

Hello ~~~ Ahhhh, it feels damn good to be blogging again! Darn I miss my blog! Whuhuhu ;)
Okay, so today, I'm going to use full ENGLISH in my entry, even though you must forgive me for my english, which might not be just as good. I'm not hoping that this piece of complaint will reach to these artists mentioned here, but there's no harm in that, right? Who knows if Lee Seunggi might be reading this? Hahaha xD

Firstly, I'll admit that I am officially affected just as much as many others with the hottest wave yet, the hallyu waves! Yes, I'm in love with those darn gorgeous, sweet, korean boybands, haha. <3 What's not to like? They're hot, sexy, handsome, tough and funny(LOL when they speak in English, hahaha), and the point is, they can sing and really gives youngsters the kind of music they would want to hear.

Recently, I was addicted to the variety shows that seemed like never-ending on TV. And unlike the variety shows in our country, they are fun even though they are just sitting around playing sitting games in a spa (that show is called Happy Together, by the way).

My dad sort of detest the hallyu waves going on in the house, and was happy of any chances to change the channel right when my mum and I were really absorbed into the show. But surprisingly, the shows "2 Days and 1 Night" and "Running Man" changed him. I mean, for people who'd know my dad would be surprised to see my dad sitting in front of the TV every friday evening to watch "Running Man".
Running Man <3
<3 Song Jihyo
<3 Jaesuk
<3 Gary
<3 Haroro
<3 Kwangsoo
<3 Seokjin
<3 Jongkook
And also recently, we were watching "2 Days and 1 Night" viewer tour. For people who doesn't know about this, I'll explain briefly about it. In the viewer tour, they picked fans from age 1 until 100++ to join the entertainment tour, and each artist were divided to handle each age group: Infants, teens, youngsters, elders and so on. What amaze me was how sweet of these korean artists! They treats their fans very well indeed, which came in no surprise why their fans are so in love in them and would be crazy enough to wish that they can keep them in their pockets.

2 Days 1 Night <3

But they are not perfection, to be exact. Like, Jeon Hyeonmu, Baek Jiyoung, and Sung Sikyung was rather relunctant about the age group they were assigned to. The infants would've been a handful, the teens will be a disaster and the elders might nag your head off. But they treat them well anyways, and probably because of that, they just love them even more, and was a fun company than expected. In the end, everyone was crying, sad to leave their groups even though they've been together for only 2 days an 1 night.

Viewer Tour <3 You guys are simply great :)

And, wow, kudos for them, they are not bitchy at all. They are the most down to earth artists in the world for all I know. They respected their elders very much, very strict about traditions and manners. I mean, the young would have to treat their elders for a drink in korea, but in our lives, not only the celebrities, even normal people like us didn't care about those stuff anymore, right?

Anyhow, my point is, Malaysian artists, this is very embarassing indeed. Try to set them as an example, so we wouldn't loath you more and push aside the entertainment news every time we read a newspaper. Look at the state of our entertainment world. The koreans have more artists than we do, but they proved that they are not a handful to handle. Since the entertaiment circle is so small here, why can't we be just as good? In fact, we could've been better.

I'm not trying to downgrade our own artists, there are some too, that had proved their ability as a well respected and educated artist. But like the saying goes, "kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga".

I know this is not nice to hear, but this is still a fact, only, it is written by a hallyu-mad 17 year-old.