Monday, December 26, 2011

A poem fit to my mood.

I hate the rain.
I hate the sound of raindrops drumming on the roofs.
I hate the coldness it brought me, penetrating deep into my heart, my soul.
I hate the solemn darkness following the rain.
It feels as though it was punishing me silently in the dark.
I hate the wet feeling and raindrops fall upon my face, as if I've been crying.
I hate the uneasy feeling everytime I heard the bullet-like sound of raindrops.
No matter how romantic it sounds like, dancing in the rain.
But still I can't stop it.
I can only wish the rain will go away quickly.
 As I longed for the warmth of the beautiful sunshine.
I'm in love with the brightness it brings to my mornings.
I love how it brings a peaceful feeling everytime the rain stops.
And gave us a beautiful rainbow, as if it was a firework display after the rain.
I love the fact that it shone so brightly, as if it was barring its bright teeth towards me.
I think its romantic, watching as the sun rose high up in the blue sky.
I love the bright rays of the sun, as it succeeded in cheering me up anytime.
That was probably the reason why I love sunflowers.
The love for its yellowish petals, gleaming under the lights.
And yet now, I can only hope, that the sun will reappear and brighten up my days...
This darkness. 
This coldness.
It's almost intolerable.

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