Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi! Firstly, I would like to apologize for the title. I'm not trying to downgrade my own nation okay; I'm a true Malaysian----And proud of my country! But still, we can't escape from a 'few' people who tends to paint an ugly picture of Malaysia. *SIGH* I myself might be one of them. So above all, I'm really sorry, sincerely from the bottom of my heart :)

Secondly, the use of English in these posts. Take note that whenever you see the title: " Project Blog:UGLY MALAYSIAN", it will be in full English. My English isn't that good, but I hope this will help me improve :).

And last, but not least (hopefully), this is a special collaboration of me and my mom. We just like to observe people whenever we go out, giving out personal comments along the way... So we thought, instead of just keeping it to ourselves, why not we dish out our complaints and reminders through this blog? Credits to my mom, mostly :)


Okay, I guess that's all for starters. Let's roll ;)

This is the most common UGLY phenomenon going on in Malaysia. Imagine when we're busy queuing up to pay for your stuff at the cashier, or for the bus. A man comes in and pretends to look around, or checking if the coast is clear for him to CUT THE QUEUE. Hello sir, but what do you think I was standing there for?? Just because I'm a kid does NOT make it okay for you to cut the queue. UGLY perspective it is, if you think: "Come on, you're just a kid. Give the elders a pass!"

The thing is, it happened to yours truly just recently too. I was queuing to buy train tickets at the KL Sentral. A man, busily talking to his wife, probably, suddenly came up next to me and the next thing he does, as you may have expected, made a totally innocent face, as if he hadn't see me standing there, and cut my queue! You'd think that I was invisible in his eyes.

I had a terrible day that time. His uncivilised actions might just be enough to give my temper a booster dose. But thinking that, the man is older than me, and I have no means to disrespect him, I held in my temper, and asked him nicely to join the queue behind me. And sure enough after that, he apologised and stood behind me in the queue.

Moral of the story:
1. Wherever you are, please obey the rules. Anything you do, please think if your actions will either cause inconvienience to others or not.
2. It doesn't pay to be nice. If you really need to stand up to others, please do it nicely. Respect others, and they shall do the same to you.

If all of us do this, won't our country be in perfect harmony?

This is just a reminder to myself, as well as other people out there. No offense. Thank you :)

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