Sunday, April 29, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Leaving Korea.

On the early morning of 29th February 2012 (It's been 2 months already, wow ^^), we finished our last-minute packing and ate breakfast, and then headed to Geomam Station. But because we had a lot of bags and it was really hard to carry it all the way to Geomam Station (how can you carry 4++ luggages while walking? It's insane), we paid extra to Mr. Jin, the Guesthouse manager to send us to Geomam Station in his mini car. And from there, we took the A'Rex to our last station, Incheon International Airport. It's time to go back baby! Adios Korea~ ;D

From Geomam Station; with our luggages!

The airport was so huge, that we had to ride on a buggy to get us to the elevator to the check-in counter. But, we don't really mind, since it's free, and it saved us a lot of energy from carrying all our bags ^^ So, after that, we went through the usual procedure, check-in, immigration, and then, since our gate was so far away, we had to ride on the aerotrain. Trust me, it's mega huge that even though we already had breakfast, we felt hungry not too long after, because running around the airport itself was an exercise. =___=

Check-in Counter.

Flashing my new varsity sweatshirt ;)

After immigration check.

Incheon International Airport.

Byebye Korea~

To the aerotrain.


Peace yaww! In the aerotrain.

Then, while we waited for boarding, we walked around and feasted our eyes on the duty free shops in that huge airport. There was a lot of K-POP stuff being sold, although it was really expensive! =__= And we even had time to chill out at a book cafe near our boarding gate ^^ Naturally my mum and I was very excited, to actually see a book cafe that we dreamed of! Although it was a bit boring, because most of it were Korean books and beauty magazine,s and the cake wasn't too good, but we enjoyed looking the peaceful layout and using it as a reference to the future cafe we had in mind. xD 

*This is bliss ^^*

My mum and books ^^

Book cafe <3

The only readable thing in this cafe =__=

Coffee, bun and cheesecake :)

Our dream cafe, hehe ;D

Our boarding gate.


Bored =__=

Incheon-Kuala Lumpur.

Dalam flight, relaxing time :D

Relaxing Therapy: Look at the camera and pose! ^^

Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Waiting for our bags.

Macam Indon baru sampai lah neng~~~ =__=

Yeah, as you see, we arrived Malaysia on the 29th February 2012 at 6.00 p.m. (I think), waited for our bags (where I saw a group of Japanese high school student arrived and were waiting for their bags, and they were really cute, or should I say, KAWAII~ xD) and then, we headed straight to our usual--- Kedai Tomyam. Haha. Yes, we were hungry, and we missed the food in Malaysia ^^

Lapauuu ^^

"Order makan cepat sikit dik, abang lapar ni..."

That night, too tired to do anything, the ever excited Norhayati Ngah and I took pictures of the lovely things we bought in Korea. And spent the rest of our time that night on admiring our stuffs and trying it! Haha, I so lovee the facial mask, although I simply can't keep a stright face while putting it on, because I don't know why I'd found my mum so hilarious that night xD

Total items bought by the shoppaholic, which was yours truly xD

Cosmetics <3 Why? Surprised this macho girl would actually use makeup? xD

These were the freebies we got from our shopping madness in Myeongdong ;D

Socks! 1 sock for 1,000 KRW (RM 3), quite a bargain, I bought 10 of them, with different patterns: Doraemon (APIZ! HAHAHA), Panda (Yours truly had to accept this nickname unwillingly =_=), Hello Kitty, Shin Chan (My personal favourite, HAHA), Donald Duck (it's mouth reminded me of Apiz xD), Penguin (Sorry Azim & Elma xD), and Super Junior socks, for my besties. <3

Oh, I love them all! Well, this is the end of my Travelogue Korea series. Thank you for following my posts on Travelogue Korea, and I hope you enjoyed my posts, although I took a long time to finish writing all of it.

Kamsahamnida, yorobun :)

Annyeong ^^V


nis said...


Bestnye ade Super Junior Socks!!!

Nak gak!!

p/s: Jeles tau tk! :)

ezy.xixii said...

nk yg gmbo hello kitty tuuu!

Syu said...

Nis: hehe, agak dah mesti adik jeles xD Blaja rajin2 tau, nnt dpt pegi korea boleh borong byk2 xD

Mok Jaa: Hehe jangan jeles mok ja ~ xD

yeaslmn said...

waaa , comel stokin pingu tuu :D hehee . panda pown . hahaa :P

Syu said...

Elma: nampak aje ye, hehee. Sila jgn jeles xD haha.

Nisha said...

kak syu, maaplah.. yg blog saya nis-nisrina.blogspot tu sy dah padam.. dah masuk virus kot.. Lambat loading..

skrg saya dah ada blog baru..

blog tu blog baru nis.. ^^

p/S: Yela.. skrg tgh belajar sungguh2.. Masa piksa dpt no 2.. ^^

Syu said...

Ohh... okay2 :) Wahhh no. 2! Kak syu sendiri peksa nombor belas2 aje... hahaa.. masa hjung form 5 tu je baru naik sikit anak tangga xD haha. tahniah2, hwaiting~ ;D

tiniechot said...

hai adik..sgt enjoy baca ur blog..really helpful especially the transportation parts. akan ber-backpacking ke korea (InsyaAllah) dis April. thanx for da useful blog of yours! :)