Monday, March 19, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Korean Folk Village.

We slept in that morning. Really tired from all the shopping the night before. Wow. Day 4 already. So as the plan goes, we went to Korean Folk Village (KFV). Korean Folk Village is a living museum recreating the traditional lifestyle of Koreans. It has 270 traditional houses (goodness we didn't see all of it) and an ampitheather where folk music and dances are performed. Now this is something that we like <3

How to get there:

From Geomam Station, We took off on the A' Rex and transferred to Line 2 at Hongik University Station (that is, after a very long walk!). From Hongik, we transferred again to Line 1 at Sindorim Station. And finally, reached our station: Suwon Station. Get out of the station at exit 4, walk a little further, and you'll find a tourist information center next to a bus stop around your left. There, you can get a free shuttle bus to KFV (operates from 1030 to 1600 hours only), and the journey is only around 30 minutes (enough for us to sleep anyway. We're so drained out). For other options, there are other buses to KFV from Suwon Station, Bus No. 37 or No. 10-5 (but then you have to pay for it) which took around 40+ minutes journey, but it's okay if you're not in a big time rush like us.

Suwon Station.

Busy Suwon.


Annyeonghasaeyo ^^

Tourist Map.

Tourist Information Center.

These things are everywhere =__=''


My parents.

We arrived a bit late and missed the 1.30 p.m. bus, so we had to wait for another bus around 2.30 p.m. (I think), so we walked around and photowhored until the bus came for us. And we just can't control our excitement as we arrived KFV. FYI, KFV is also a shooting scene for quite a few famous old-time dramas, like "Sungkyungkwan Scandal",  "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" and "Deep Rooted Tree". The entrance fees are 15, 000 KRW per person (RM 45). And the scene is just like what we dreamed of <3 

Arrived KFV.

Waiting for Dad and the tickets.


Kenapa abang guard kat sini comel2? Hehe. ^^

Sungkyungkwan Scandal <3


We <3 it traditional ^^

The heater at the souvenir shop saved us.

As we enter, there were shops selling snacks: we even tried one! And we're pretty sure it's halal, as it was made of rice cake wrapped with fish, there's no mixture of any other ingredients and the oil wasn't animal extract. I was being very particular about the food, but as long as it's halal, there's no harm in trying. And there's also bare trees at the other side of the path, got a very winter feel to it!  As you walk, you might come across a junction, and there you'll find a bridge that will take you to the amusement park (I think it's called Docco Land) in KFV, that is, if you're not into the traditional treats. 

After a few minutes of leisure walk, we rushed for a folk music and dance performance (there are timings to it) at the ampitheater: and it was awesome! And few guys who performed show looked young too, like mid-twenties or so. And one of them looked like Siwon from Super Junior <3 We were allowed to take pictures with them performers after the show, but the Siwon look-alike disappeared so quickly =___= After the fancy performance there was a tightrope acrobatics show too (that acrobatics old man must be an eunuch), but we didn't stay to watch for long because we're on a tight schedule.

Bridge to Docco Land.

Folk music and dance performance.

Cool ^^

Doesn't his head hurts? =___=


His stunt surprised me; I mean, didn't his balls hurt? (He was sitting and jumping at the same time on the tighrope back then!)

After that, we just walked around looking at the traditonal houses and mansions of different classes of people way back when: nobleman, royalties, farmers, blacksmiths and etc. And the best part is trying on the hanbok too <3 I tried it on at a traditional house somewhere inside the shooting location site instead of a picture booth nearby the entrance, because it's free (I told you we like free stuff).

Traditional cooking methods. It looked like the scene from "Daejanggeum"


I don't remember what was this =___=

Nobleman's Mansion.

Gateway to jail.

This scene looks natural? Hahaha xD

Hanbok ^^

Yeah, I noticed how visible my sneakers were.

I don't know what drama was this, but I took a picture of it anyway.

Heading back.

Rushing, but can't risk missing out the scenery.

Byebye KFV.

Okay, it's obvious that behind me is just a mere picture.

After a short while, we really rushed to get out of KFV, because we need to catch that last free shuttle bus heading back to Suwon Station. And after a whole lot of rushing here and there at the KFV, we were so exhausted that we had another nap inside the bus.
Well, we had to save all the energy we had for our next destination anyway.

On our way back.

To be continued---- N Seoul Tower.

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