Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Travelogue Korea: KBS Exhibition Hall.

On our last day of expedition in Korea, we decided to go a place that started the Hallyu wave for me and my mum---- KBS Building! The KBS building is not like what you had in mind---- There weren't any artists coming in and out or the building, so, scratch that thought. And you can't actually barge into the studios they're working at either. But for consolations, KBS Exhibition Hall, which is also located in the KBS Building is free of entrance for hallyu-mad tourists :)

How to get there:

From Geomam Station, we took the A' Rex as usual and stopped at Gongdeok Station, where we transferred to Line 5. We took the Line 5 heading back towards Gimpo International Airport and stopped at Yeouido. From Yeouido Station is another long walk  passing Yeouido Park before we'd reached the magnificient KBS Building. I love walking at Yeouido Park! Although the trees were bare and it was cold, the park looked so lively! It was really huge, at least a size of a football field, I think. And I really fancied riding a bicycle in that park :D Ohh, did I mentioned that Running Man filmed here once too? Running Man daebakkkkk~ xD

To KBS Building :)

At a junction (pun boleh?)

Orang yang terpaksa layan kerenah hallyu-mad kitorang xD

To KBS! ^^

Yeouido Park

Running Man was here <3

Cafe :D

If you've ever watched 2Days 1Night, surely you'd remember that they used to start filming in front of the KBS Building, at the huge stairs? That was actually the back entrance of the KBS Building. Can you figure out how we reacted when we saw the epic stairs? "OMG that's the stairs! The place where 2Days 1Night always start their filming daebakkkk~!!!" And yeah, I know, that was only the stairs. Wonder what would happen to us if we'd actually see them filming at the stairs. Probably faint. Hmm.

KBS Building! ^^


2Days~ 1Night!

Happy KBS Family? Haha xD

Bola KBS tu macam serupa aje dengan mak aku? HAHA xD

Entrance to KBS Exhibition Hall.

KBS Daebak <3

KBS Exhibition Hall was open free for tourists, as I have mentioned earlier, but, of course, no artists! Inside the hall you'll just be able to see famous dramas and shows in KBS, what one of the studios looked like, classic videocameras, how did they do the weather forecasts and something like that. It doesn't sound much, but despite climbing 6 floors worth of stairs just too see all these memorabilia (the reason why my mum chickened out), it was fun to me. I've been to KBS peeps! Enough said :D

Konti Radio.

Gag concert on air ^^

Free drama :D

Winter Sonata <3

BOFs <3 I want to kiss Jihu oppa >.<

2D1N Forever <3

6th member of 2D1N. Sugeun boleh happy, ada ahli baru legi pendek daripada dia xD


Weather forecast: Today kat Malaysia hujan gula2. HAHA xD

Happy Together, Jae Suk oppa <3

On Standby.

I'm on Live, everyone. Haha. Orang tak nak pemberita tak lawa lah Syu =_=

<3 Sungkyungkwan Scandal <3

Spring Waltz <3 Henry handsome, fufufu <3

Wild romance <3 Lee Dong Wook <3

Dear My Sister, now still showing on KBS :D

Ojakgyo Family <3 Best!

Radio DJ's equipments.

Classic videocam.

Revolution on videocams.


Kanak2 riang.

So, after that, we walked back to the Station (stopping at Handel and Gretel to photowhore along the way; Handel and Gretel is cafe owned by Yesung of Super Junior's mom! Gwen would've loved this <3) to our last destination (that is, excluding the shopping expeditions).

Muka puas hati dapat pergi KBS :D

Handel and Gretel! :D

Yeona, Yesung takde kat dalam kedai, jangan risau, aku tak jumpa dia pun ;D

To our next destination :D


To be continued---- Hangang River Cruise.


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