Saturday, April 14, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Hello Kitty Cafe.

So, after those crazy moments at the Trickeye Museum, we thought that we could chill down for a bit at a Cafe. FYI, my mum and I were crazy about cafes! Our dream is to open a book cafe ourselves, so it's natural that every time we went into a cafe, we look at the cafe designs, the environment, the food, and et cetera. The cafes in Korea were bliss--- made us felt like a part of our dream had came true, 'cause it's just so awesome <3

So, again, naturally, the infamous Hello Kitty Cafe was listed as a MUST in our itinerary. I'm not really a fan of Hello Kitty (well, I used to, when I was little. Maybe as times passed I've gotten sick of the fluffy pink-ness. ZERO feminine percentage T___T), but my mum, despite her age, is still the fan of the cute-in-pink Hello Kitty xD I didn't mind going there though, as long as I can actually see how themed cafe looks like. And wow! What I've seen had NEVER crossed my mind!

Hello Kitty Cafe standing magnificiently in pink :D

The Hello Kitty Cafe was not too far from the Trickeye Museum, but the place is rather hidden, it looks like as if the Cafe was located in an alley, so watch out for the right-side of the road! Athough, I think, due to the lights, it's much more visible at night :D Lucky enough that we didn't missed the cafe and ended up lost xD

Hello Kitty Cafe hidden behind an alley.

Excited xD

Cute menu <3

There was a lot of people when we were there. We had to find ourselves a seat first before we could order, so, despite the steep stairs, we climbed upstairs anyway because according to our research on the cafe (yes, we had it RESEARCHED), it looks way more magnificient upstairs. And it was so true! Yes, non-pinky-lover Nurul Syuhada Sulaiman was officially in love with the ultra cuteness. <3 <3 <3

At the counter.

STAIRS. No eleboration.

Then, my dad and I went downstairs again to order, and we ordered the coffees, caramel waffle (mine! I'm also not quite a fan of caramel, since I dislike food that were too sweet! I found it sickening >.< but the caramel waffle looks SO GOOD), and my mum ordered the chocolate cheesecake. It wasn't very expensive, so it's a 4 star on our tight budget :D They gave us a buzzer to pick up our orders later, and GOSH, does the buzzer have to be so cute too <3 I'm lovin' it! Definitely want buzzers for my dream cafe, hehe ^^

Buzzer! Why do you have to be so adorable!

My dad probably thinks the cuteness was SICK! HAHA xD

Waiting excitedly for our orders <3

So when our orders were done....

It's just so adorable that I really hesitated about eating it. But guess I can't keep it forever, right? Awwww it's so cute >o<

Does the food tasted as good as it looks? It's awesomeness to the max~ The caramel waffle + ice-cream taste good together, and the chocolate cheesecake was so moist <3 Oh Hello Kitty Cafe, I'm so in love with youu <3 

Sayang nak makan ::>__<:: Too cute!

Eating time <3

Don't be disturbed by my unfazed expression. The food is good ;)

Finished~~ Licin pinggan.

So after we're done eating (well actually, I think I ate most of it xD), it's photo-time baby! RUGI BESAR if you went inside the Hello Kitty Cafe and didn't take any pictures. RUGI SANGAT tau???? Don't miss an inch of the cafe, because it cuteness everywhere, even inside the toilet, haha.

Hello Kitty Cafe logo.

Hello Kitty Sofa xD

Hello Kitty again and again.

Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Blingsssss 0_0

Hello Kitty toilet (?!)

Even the mirrors are hello kitty <3

Toilet view. =__=


That Hello Kitty doll worthed thousands. But it's cute all the same :D

Juling tengok banyak sangat Hello Kitty. Hehe. Mok Ja mesti gilakan tempat ni <3

Hello Kitty souvenirs.


Messages written on rocks was put there for decos! <3 it, and I'm so having it for my cafe, haha xD

Hello Kitty souvenirs for sale.

Ignore my ugly face. Don't ignore the cuteness of Hello Kitty.

Last look of Hello Kitty Cafe before we go, byebye :'(

After we photo-whored for a while, until we've make sure that we've covered every inch in our photos, we left the Hello Kitty Cafe. Hopefully one day, I can have a cafe as awesome as that (only not as pinkish) :D

Before we went home, we walked around the Hongik University area for a while. A place so happening with shops and fashionable university students was surely not a place to miss! And wow! The Hongdae campus is so huge, that we doubted that it actually was a university, so we asked a guy who looks like a student, standing in front of a shop. Funny guy xD

Us: Excuse me, can we ask you a question?
Guy: (wearing a very confident smile, he spoke to us in English) Yes, what can I help you with?
Us: Okay, is this Hongik Unversity? (pointing at a huge building)
Guy: Pardon? (still smiling)
Us: Is this huge building Hongik University?
Guy: (looked at where we were pointing at) Errr.... please hold on a second! (and ran off to ask girl passing by)

Gosh, and we thought he was a student as well, with him being so confident and all! After he came back and told us that the building was really the Hongik University (still very confident, hands in his pocket and all), we thanked him, left, and laughed ourselves crazy at him, haha xD I knew we shouldn't, since he took the trouble to help us by asking another person about that building, but it's just so funny xD Anyway thank you Mister for just being so friendly ^^


Party night, everyone.

Awesome Hongdae area <3

Shoppaholics agak tak tahan tengok barangan2 kat kedai. GIAN!

Passed by this cute bakery, it's AWESOME <3

Variety of cakes, wow!

Shopping area <3

Hongik University behind us, besar punya!

On our way home.

Bye, heading for the subway now!

And so, we left on the A'Rex, until we reached Geomam again. Had supper (if you can actually call it supper), and slept. For the next day, our last day---- we need to give it our all!

To be continued---- KBS Exhibition Hall.


ezy.xixii said...

mok ja kalo masok cafe HK ni msti meroyan xnk balik..
comel giler.. jeles..

Syu said...

haha, adda dgn ibu msuk pun meroyan, inikn lagi mok ja yg mmg minat kn? mase kitorg masuk tu terigt mok jaa, hee <3

Unknown said...

Salam saya nak tanya. hello kitty cafe tu..makanannya halal ke?