Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Trickeye Museum.

You guys ever seen pictures that looked so real, that you'd think it's impossible to actually be a painting? Years passed by, and I think I've heard plenty of stuffs like this going on, but being a non-art fan, the thought of going to any art musuem never, I repeat, NEVER, crossed my mind. But when we came to Korea, we were sorely tempted by this one, exceptional art museum---- Trickeye Musuem. What I can say is, the word 'BORING' is a nonissue in this place. And what better place to photowhore yourself hoarse than this place??? It's AWESOMENESS to the max! ^^

How to get there:
From Yongmun, which is the last stop of the Jungang Line, we got off at Wangsimni Station and transferred to Line 2. And went all the way until we got off at Hongik University Station a little while later. And did I mention how I like stopping at Hongik University Station? Plenty of cute guys and girls to feast my eyes on <3

My mom insisted on this hideous picture in the subway. =___=

It was evening when we arrive at Hongdae (Korean name for that University), so savouring the moments, we took our time walking along the busy street, watching students come and go as we look for the Trickeye Museum. It wasn't very far, but there's a lot of junctions with plenty of inviting shops along the way, so if you don't have a strong mindset, it is likely that you'll lose your focus, which, we almost did xD But determined, we walked and walked---- until we finally came across the museum's signboard. So, take note, that you should keep your eyes open, since the Trickeye Museum is actually located underground. Homaigoshhh the stairs, blast it! >.<

Hongik University Station. Don't try to figure out why my face was like that =__=

Happening Hongdae!

Masterpieces on display.


Trickeye museum is just behind that signboard ^^

As usual, we bought tickets and all, I don't remember the cost, but I remembered that I got a discount for being below 18, so, below 18 y/o and students, hooray~ I looooveee discounts, haha xD And so after that, we proceeded to our photowhoring mission. From this point onwards, I'm not going to write much (yeah right, the captions' were long enough to make another post!), except allowing the pictures to do the talking. For those who love to camera-whore and acting yourself crazy, I think you'll be loving this as much as I do, but even if you don't, I hope you'll enjoy these too ;)

This *REAL* statue greeted us into Trickeye Museum at the stairs (catch that sarcastic remark)

Stair-o-phobic xD

Pocari sweat, anyone? Open it yourself please, I can't even open this one.

"Tickets for 3, please!" and if she answers you: run! This ain't real xP

In my case, Escaping normality.

1st look: Picture of an old man.

2nd look: Picture of Sunflowers in a vase.

3rd look: Picture of a middle-aged man. Now this is 3D, peeps.

The giantess and her helpless victim >.<

Superwoman woahh xD

Salmi cakap: "Tipu je, kaki kau tak panjang macam tu." Okay aku tau aku pendek lah =__=

Bajet kat Greece je.

My dad lovees the Hero Tamil act xD

Moneymakers xD

Butler? HAHA.

I know, she's such a thief xD

I have zero-resistance to food.

Serving your Highness.

Medusa's chopped head xD

I wished I could do that to someone for real xD

To my haters, if I had any. Give me a reason, and I'd love to do this to you ^^

So that's why Mona Lisa's so smiley, trolled xD

I'm a noob at snooker >.<

Wow~~~ So sexy mehh???? I wonder if this is the real reason the painting was named 'Scream'? HAHAHA.

Poor Cinderally >.<

I lost my flexibility and grace a long time ago >.<

Let's rempitszzzzz yaww~~~ The korean were giving me some weird looks when I did this, haha. Salute Malaysians, we are more adventurous, hahaha xD

Served for breakfast. =__=

No matter how thick of a picture frame divides us, we can never be apart. Huhuhuhuu xD

I was called tsubasa for this reason ^^

Aww, don't I look angelic? (As if :P)

I belonged in this picture xD

Shoppaholic X)

I think everyone would've wished for this situation to come true >.<

Stealing is bad, peeps.

So actually, the British royal guards are Aliens. BEWARE!

So I guess I was running out of time.

I told you I was masculine xD

This is retro babe, haha xD

Ouchh >.<

Enjoy Venice, everyone ^^

I'm so lovin' it <3

Punishments way back when in Korea.

Send me flying, please ^^

Okay this is totally 6 years old stuff xD

"Oy, pervert. Get out of there or I'll step on your face!"

Cats museum.

HAHA okay that's really disgusting. And guess what? This statue is near the cafeteria and the ticket office so watch out for it xD

Mirror Mania. Very scary since you can get lost just by looking at the wrong mirror >.<

So, after what seemed like hours, we got out from Trickeye musuem, feeling very contented indeed ^^ Then, we walked around randomly, enjoying the more much happening looking Hongdae at night, and window shopped for fabulous and oh-so-irresistable looking fashion and accessories there until we came across our next destination, a place filled with cuteness.

Pinky lovers, you're gonna love it; non-pinky lovers, you'll love that place all the same. I know I did.

To be continued---- Hello Kitty Cafe.


ezy.xixii said...

sume klaka je gmbr.. hahakk

Syu said...

Haha, biase ler, family kite kn giler2 xD

nis said...

Bestnye kalau dapat pegi..

bersyukur rasenye bila dapat pegi Korea.. ^^

Syu said...

Hee. Alhamdulillah, ad rezeki, dpt la pegi. Insyaallah, kalau nis ad rezeki pegi la jalan2 makan angin dgn family. Blh jumpe Suju <3 Hehe ^^