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Travelogue Korea: Yangpyeong English Village.

It's day 5 peeps! (Already?) So that morning, as usual we woke up at the crack of dawn and made breakfast (Roti bakar! Yummy <3). After that, siap2 and everything, and off to our first destination of the day; which is another infamous film location: Yangpyeong English Village (YEV)! This place is the shooting scene for the most famous hallyu drama, Boys Over Flowers <3 Which might have been one of the most important korean dramas I've ever watched in my life because I spent nights watching this drama in tears. HAHA =___=''

How to get there:

From Geomam Station, as usual take up the A'Rex all the way to Hongik University, feast your eyes on the oh-so-good-looking guys as you walk ("WALK") to the transfer line, Line  2 heading towards Seongsu. On Line 2, stop at Wangsimni for another transfer to the Jungang Line. As you get on the Jungang Line, make sure you got yourself a seat, because you'll be stopping at the last station, Yongmun Station. And I'm telling you it wasn't really a short ride (2 SOLID hours, man!), and I'm not complaining ("right"). And then, from Yongmun station, catch a taxi to Yangpyeong English Village (there should be a few cabs in front of the police station). Taxi fare is around 5,000 KRW (RM 15).

Tengah control nafas... penat naik tangga at Wangsimni Station =__=

I dunno where, but I remember it's cold >.<

My daddy <3

Besar lagi gedabak Yongmun Station.

In the taxi.

As we arrive YEV, we bought tickets at the Security office, which is 5,000 KRW per person (RM 15) and the pakguard was awesome~ Haha. Why? He speaks very2 fluent English (after a short interview session while we were waiting for a taxi to head back to Yongmun Station we found out he used to live in Canada. No wonder. 0_o In fact he speaks better than the students here) and is very friendly ^^ We clicked at first glance, haha. Along with the tickets we were given the usual YEV brochurs and passports (interesting ^^) and then the pakguard marched us straight up to the building where the F4 used to conquer ^^

Let's explore Shinhwa~ Eh, bukan, YEV ;D

Going uphill >.<

The door to F4's main study was locked at all times except when hallyu-mad tourists came by, so after the pakguard opened the door for us (where at this point, my face looked like an idiot and I was jumping like mad) and told us a few stuff we should take a mental note for, he left us alone to have look around.

Gu Junpyo's table <3

Writing a message to Lee Minho: Oppa, saranghae <3 <3 <3

Yun Jihu <3 My favourite <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Ada ciri F4 ni xD

So Yijeong yang sweet <3 <3 <3

Song Woobin yang ganas tapi macho <3 <3 <3

Excuse my noob korean =___=

I wish I were hugging them for real <3

Shinhwa's lockers ^^

Boys Over Flowers yaww ^^V

It seemed like hours in the study, I just can't get enough of it <3 Then we got out of the "Shinhwa High" (ohh wow) main building, and have it our own way in YEV. There's alot of students there, FYI, YEV is not only a tourist attraction and a film location, it's main purpose is to build a camp/tuition, well whatever you may call it, for students to learn english language here. The students were having a break when we were there, and those cute-and-handsome-guys greeted us (in English of course) and we even witnessed two of them skipped class, hoho.... The pakguard would be furious if he found out xD But I guess students anywhere are the same. :) Btw there's a lot of things related to english here (eg, the buildings, the name of buildings and all), but it's very American, just to keep those kids attracted. There were also hostels and recreational areas, and I have to say, this place is daebak ^^

Adorable seats

Very American-High-School environment.

Shinhwa High foyer.

My omma <3


Jandi & friend ice-cream scene ;)

Yeah, I know I looked cool, haha :D

Clock tower.

Richmond City Hall.

Calling F4: Oppa~~~~~ <3

Jandi's bicycle. Nasib baik basikal tu tak boleh gerak, kalau tak aku dah rempit dah! xD

Some parts in BOF <3

YEV <3

Awesomeness <3


At the Observatory.

Walking on the last blocks of snow for the winter.

X-large chess set. Hey isn't this suppose to be a scene in Harry Potter? Sesat sini pula =_="

Resting in the cold wind.

Statue of Liberty. Hello New York! >.<

Pose kejap before we settle down and had a little makan time, hehe. After makan baru sambung photowhore :D 

Gu Junpyo <3

Geum Jandi <3
(Yang depan tu Jandi yang tak MENJADI. Troll =___=)

Yun Jihu <3

Song Yijeong <3

Song Woobin <3


This is YEV yaww ^^V

Graduation hall.

Scenes in BOF.

Shinhwa Campus Swimming Pool. So kena lah pose ala2 Shinhwa student juga, haha xD


Penat bonar berjalan. Tu yang tak teragak duduk tu. Buruk bonar pose ehh -,-

Boys Over Flowers <3

After we've *FINALLY* finished our own tour, we were told by our lovely pakguard to exit through the airport (yes, an airport. Who knew you could use an airport to learn English). And that was when we found out that we were given the liberty to use the so-called immigration stamps at the airport! Of course, that was what the passport was for! So, naturally....

Stamp our own passport! Jeng jeng jeng ^^

Empty airport =__=

YEV Airport ;)

YEV map (nak blah baru nak ambil gambar map)

Then, we headed back to the Security Office, where the pakguard helped us called up a taxi to get back to Yongmun station. We had a little chitchat while waiting (as I mentioned earlier) and of course, a little bit of last minute photos!

Hostels in YEV. Kalau sekolah kat Malaysia ada hostel lawa macam tu, aku rasa semua students nak stay hostel kot xD

Byebye YEV ;(

Mural next to pondok Pakguard.

And just as the way we came, it was a long way back.... But not to our apartment. The day was still young, so we had a little "planned" detour----

To be continued---- Trickeye Museum.


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