Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Travelogue Korea: Petite France.

Our expedition starts at 8.00 a.m. Well, actually kitorang bangun awal, pukul 6 pagi apa! But bersiap lah breakfast lah apa semua, last2 lambat keluar rumah. Yatingah lah tu terhegeh-hegeh tu. Keh keh keh. So that day, we went for another Running Man hunt---- Petite France! Yeah, I'm telling you I'm going crazy over Running Man ^^

How to get there:

0__0 2 hours.

From Geomam, kitorang naik A'Rex and stopped at Hongik University Station. After a very, very, very long walk, we transferred to Line 2 and headed for Wangsimni Station. And so we WALKED again to transfer to the Jungang Line and stopped at Mangu, our last transfer station. From there we changed to Gyeongchun line, and FINALLY stopped at Cheongpyeong station. Approximately 2 hours. Damn those blasted stairs. >.<

Orang paling excited guna T-Money. Canggih, katanya.

Hongik University Station. A masterpiece from an art student. Tapi aku rosakkan dengan menambah muka buruk aku. Hehehe ^^

Another transfer. Aku dah tensennnnn tau.

From the station, we took a friendly Taxi who greeted us upon our arrival at Cheongpyeong Station. He even took a picture of us! Thank you Mr. Taxi! (Tetiba pula teringat Girls Generation punya lagu, 'Mr. Taxi'. Cehh takde kena mengena =_=") The Taxi to Petite France costs us something less the 20, 000 KRW (RM 60). Don't freak out when you convert the money, sebab for Korean rate, 20,000 KRW tu macam RM 20 aje. Along our way to Petite France, we enjoyed (and ada sikit batak, keh keh keh) the beautiful scenery as we went up and down the mountainous road. And the river----Wow! Beautifully frozen although winter has almost come to an end.

A picture taken by Mr. Taxi. Haha.

Frozen river 0__0

 So, naturally, sampai2 mestilah wajib bergambor dekat pintu gerbang dulu... Oh, yeah, jom belajar sejarah sikit.. This place was built based on a story from a french author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "The Little Prince". And tempat ni kiranya macam a village dedicated for the Petite Prince. Other than Running Man, tempat ni juga famous sebab pernah menjadi shooting scene untuk famous drama, Secret Garden & Beethoven Virus. In my case, I've only seen Secret Garden and, of course, I've been saying it for like a thousand times already, RUNNING MAN <3

Petite France <3

Amphitheater. Tempat Running Man berkumpul. Wahhh I'm here <3 <3 <3

Ceramics plates. Aku interframe je. ^^

Love bells. Bluehhhh jiwang. Hahaha.

2 Remaja. ;P

Me & My dad. Ibu tak boleh naik. Stair-o-phobic. xD

 Entrance fees are 8,000 KRW (RM 24) per person. And you get free pens too <3 (We love anything free). And after what seems like, endless camera-whoring, kitorang settle down at an inviting picnic bench---- and of course, makan! We packed sandwich sardin and coffee from the guesthouse, and makan under that chilly condition has it's own thrill too, especially---- 


This IS KUCING. (I don't get the point of having them there)

This is me, tengah menyakat kucing2 tu dengan bau Sardin yang menyelerakan. Keh keh keh. xD

Perut kenyang, hati senang, kitorang pun sambung lah berjalan-jalan and camera-whoring. Man, I love this place. It's so beautiful <3 Has a very romantic feeling to it. Halamak jiwang, haha.

Bell Tower. The scenery is marvelous.

Some stuff people wrote at bell tower. Not just at the bell tower, other towers have these too.

Diorang akan rugi besar kalau aku tak sign nama aku sekali. Hehe xD

My mum is having a blast =__=

My dad----flower boy? Hahaha jambu gilak xD

Centre courtyard of Petite Prince's Village.

18 SX 0__0 My mum memang tak senonoh sikit, minta maaf underage readers, haha.

Ingat nak buat gaya kat Paris, tapi tak jadi. 

Petite France guesthouses

Proof! RUNNING MAN WAS HERE <3 <3 <3

I remember this scene in Running Man where Ji-Hyo the Ace found the suit they were supposed to look for ^^

Antique Shop in Petite France. Pinocchio ^^

Last look before we step out.

Ibu and Ayah :)

 After a few hours (a few hours?! Rasa macam 1 hour aje kot??), agak2 rasa dah macam puas hati, kitorang pun keluar from that absolutely lovely place. You can make a request to the receptionist at the counter of the entrance to call for a Taxi, and payments can be made straight away at the counter. But instead of going back to Cheongpyeong Station, we took the cab to Gapyeong Wharf. Costs us around 20, 000 KRW (RM 60). Why Gapyeong Wharf?

 I'll let you know:
To be continued---- Namiseom (Nami Island).


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kt gmbr y first skali...tim ur mummy kt gateway t money...its dat TOP???

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yeah, it's TOP at the gateway :)