Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yes. We humans tend to be so ignorant. So selfish. So unhygenic. But yet it is us who caused all these inconvienieces to ourselves.

Litter, litter, litter. Will we ever be rid of it? Everyday we see rubbish everywhere, but still we decided that it is not our problem. As long as our home is clean and safe, we simply don't care of the heap of garbage mounting up around us. We didn't even care for our neighbours. When we throw garbage from our homes, we don't care if the garbage went over to our neighbours' house. At least OUR house is clean, isn't it?

The playground has turned into a dumping site. But did we care? Of course not. We simply shook our heads and said: "Those kids, throwing rubbish everywhere... ". But we forgot that we didn't really show a great example ourselves. We forgot that we threw rubbish from the car window, and when those naive little kids told us: "Our teacher at school said that we shouldn't litter!", we gave excuses for our humiliating actions.

Hilarious when sometimes, there's a huge "Do not litter" signboard been put up, but that is where the pile of garbage goes to. Right under the signboard. And littering caused the drains to clogged, the rivers to smell. When a tragedy like flash floods happens, we try to gain sympathy for anyone who's dumb enough to give them any. Isn't it us who made the tragedy happened in the first place?

We ignored what our actions might do to our world sooner or later. We forgot there are other creatures living with us, and our actions cause a bigger impact on them. Shouldn't we realise by now that our earth is our home, our responsibility? Open our eyes to a useful device called dustbin. Let's show how civilised we are shall we? Let's save our home :)

Something for us to reflect upon ourselves. Let's not litter everyone! :)

Adios and sayonara.

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