Saturday, April 17, 2010


What else could've gone wrong now.

Dear Gemok,
I wish you'll get well soon. And hope you'll be cheerful and happy as you always are. Maybe it's because you're sick. So you tend to be kind of weird? Nevermind. I just hope I can be there for you just like how you're always there for me. :(

Dear lil' Sis,
You need to get up and realise there's more than 1 man in this world. There are many type of weird and nasty people out there, and there's more challenges in life. And what you're dealing with now is nothing to be compared of. I wanted you to be strong. I feel like I wanted to shout all these at your face, but I'm worried on how will you accept it. I may not feel what you're feeling right now, but I understand. I really do. So please don't do stupid things. There are more people who care about you in this world.

p/s: please don't try to guess who.

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