Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I had a very long week.

21 March 2012.
I mean, who didn't know what that date meant to us SPM leavers?

Sejak pagi (by pagi, I mean starting 12 a.m.), rasa tak keruan. Nak tidur tak boleh. Dalam perut rasa macam ada orang buat sommersault sebab nervous punya pasal. Pagi2, lepas siap, pergi breakfast. Roti canai yang biasanya aku makan dua, tapi pagi tu aku makan satu je. Hilang selera? Not really. It's just that eating didn't really register in my mind. I could only think that I wanted to pull my ass at Al-Faizal and crack up with my friends before I put my brain on the results later.

And so, I met them, left Al-Faizal around 10, went to school, strolled around, recalling memory-by-memory as we walked pass each classes, blocks and corridors, and acting like we owned the place, didn't care the slightest bit when our dear "juniors" gawked at us, yelling "Kak Syu!" and "Kak Gwen!" along the way. Really, since when did we became so famous anyway?

My face =____='' Well anyway, after months---- Pintu Gerbang SMK DMS!

Our tapak perhimpunan... And one of the students who skipped perhimpunan pagi with me, hehe xD

The two hamsap friends xD

Len & Ain :)

Anxiousness builds up as each hour passed by. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 p.m. Gosh, I thought, what time were they going to release the results and let us torture ourselves anyway? Better yet, some of them even already knew their results through SMS. 8A's, 6A's. Man. What about ME? ME? ME? I admit I chickened out, but either way I'm not going to check my results until that fateful results slip reached my hand, safe and sound.

12.30 p.m. It was madness. The hall was chaotic. After they annouced the 3 geniuses who obtained straight A's, everything I felt that time was moving fast forward. Was I feeling a bit sad that I wasn't on the straight A's list? Anyone who worked hard would have felt like me that time, but I'm not there to sit down in grief. In front of the stage, nearby the hall entrance, was a table set up of 5 Elit's ex-students to get their results. My mind went like a rush; where's my name? Was the results given according to namelist? Or..... A sentence I didn't want to finish, as I waited for my name to be called out.

Blurry, busy hall.

Oh, and yeah, it was given according to the namelist, but backwards. The last name came first. After our dear Encik Azlan cried out "Nur Aissyah", I streched out my sweaty, cold hands for my results without waiting for him to call my name. And, it was probably the cruelest thing he could've done to me that time: he smiled. I smiled back, while praying silently in my heart. "Syuhada. Sayang, sikit aje lagi. Subject saya pula tu," he said, while an idiotic Nabil KP was smiling and shaking his head at the same time behind Encik Azlan's back. What kind of hint was that?

The slip. In my hands. I held my breath as I peered over my results. I could only see A and B. No C's, no D's. And that was much more than enough for me. I didn't hear my friends congratulating me. I think, after that, I didn't see nor hear much of anything. Amidst the wild crowd, I ran towards my Dad who was coming for me when he spotted me holding my results. He was trying to put on his spects, but I didn't wait for him to read the slip. I pushed it into his hands, and drowned myself hugging him and crying.

Alhamdulillah :")

A second after that I saw my mom at the hall entrance too, so I went to hug her. My legs felt weak. I had to sit down at the stairs to the stage for a while to maintain my stability, but I'm happy, and much more relieved than I could ever be. The look on my parents' face as they looked over my results was something that I'm sure I'm going to remember for a very long time. It made everything worth it. If that 9A's and 1B was a trophy, it would be theirs.

My Dad, yang setia menunggu kat sekolah dari pagi :D

After that happy, blurry moment, I got back on my feet and started to roam around the hall and the teachers' office with Gwen to thank our teachers that we forgot that the teachers in the hall had told us to stay for a photo session. We missed it, but we neither cared nor minded. Gwen got 5 A's, but she's said she's okay with it. I don't know if she was being honest. I couldn't really read her mind, for I'm the worst nitwit when it comes to phsycic, but I'm happy, she did work for it. In my heart, I said: "Cheers, Gwen---- To your determination. To your hallyu dreams. To your road to success."

Cikgu Mazilah yang terpacak kat dewan since morning sebab nak tunggu results kitorang. We love you, cikgu! :)

Aww, I loveyouu Gwen <3

I thought after that, I could happily head home, and maybe stop by McD's for lunch, but I had to stay there for more than an hour, saying thanks, meeting friend, being dragged here and there by the teachers for pictures and written interview. Heck I felt so embarrassed. On the written interview, I still remember how hilarious I found the questionarre actually was:

Pencapaian :
UPSR: 4A 2B 1C (A "C" I tell you! Haha!)
SPM: 9A 1B (I'm no genius... But I'm grateful, Alhamdulillah ^^)

Rahsia kejayaan and kata-kata hikmat: "Jangan kalah sebelum rebah" (Yeah, I know it's cheesy. I actually got this from a malay novel, but kinda I got stuck with the tagline. And really, what the heck with the whats-the-secret-to-success-thing anyway???)

Idola: Fatin Munirah
I know it's surprising. I also know that she's younger than me. But I guess it's true. She's young, yet she seemed so matured ever since I knew her. I envy her. And from envy, it changed to admiration. Her spirit, her love for study. If we were of the same age and competing in class, she would win hands down against me in everything. I could never be like her. We're so different from one another. But seeing her almost crying when she saw my results had made me so glad... And so fired up. Cikgu Azizul and his family seems to amaze me day by day.  So, Fatin... this is for you. And your family. Sharing a bond with you lot gave me more that what I bargained for. Thank you. Sincerely from my heart :)

And by the time I finished writing, I thought..... Man, I sucked at these kind of stuff.

Days after that felt very long indeed. Online, looking for scholarships and university offers. Educational fairs. I'm exhausted. Hopefully, this success will motivate me to work for more success in life. After all those, I redeemed my reward by forcing my mum (HAHA) for a shopping spree. This week, I bought 2 Elianto lipsticks and a blusher, a cute, retro green polka dots blouse and a black-and-white striped long tee, and 3 books: Malay, English and Chinese. And still waiting for my dad's salary to redeem by reward--- 2 pairs of jeans maybe? Haha. Yeah, don't get me started on shopping. I can go crazy. But most of the time, I'm just plain stingy ;P

Times Square.

Shopping time, yeahh ^^

Buku yang agak2 paling colourful and buku cina tu aku punya. Next to it, my mom's. Yeah, we're nerds ;P

Kenny Rogers. Fudge + ice cream yang aku makan ni is super awesome <3 but aku tak ingat apa ke nama entah benda alah ni, haha =___=''

Do I look different to you? Haha. Hi everyone, I'm Syuhada by the way ;)

Oh well, this is too long. I should probably sign off. Byebye! I'll continue with the Travelogue Korea in the next post. :)


Ezy Chiaki said...

bersinar2 mata tgok result adda..

Syu said...

tengkiuu mok jaa! :D

Faina Arisya said...

salam dik..

tahniah atas keputusan yg cemerlang.. rasa bangga bila anak Melayu berjaya di SMKDMS..

akak dulu pun belajar kat sana.. SPM tahun 1994.. dulu panggil SMDMS.. lepas masuk Uitm, tak pernah jejak kaki ke sana.. windu rasa.. baca blog adik ni teringat kenangan dulu2.. cikgu yg pernah ngajar akak dulu Cikgu Azizul (hope orang yg sama), Ustaz Kamil.. cikgu2 lain dah tak ingat nama.. mungkin diorang pun dah takde kat situ.. dulu masa terima anugerah SPM hanya sijil penghargaan jerk.. untunglah adik2 zaman sekarang ni.. bijak berbelanja ok!

anyway congrate once again..

Syu said...

kak Faina Arisya: terima kasih kak :) Hee excited lak ada senoir ex-DMS comment kat sini. Huhuu. akak kat uitm mana skrg ni? raseny cikgu azizul dgn ustaz kamil time akak dulu still sama kot dgn cikgu azizul and ustaz kamil skrg, diorg still mengajar kat situ lagi :) and thanks again ye kak for the comments ^^

Faina Arisya said...

salam dik..

akak dah habis dah kat uitm.. dah kerja dah pun dik.. dah tua dah pun.. dah 18 tahun meninggalkan smkdms.. sebaya ngan umur adik.. dah kira pangkat makcik bongsu pun ya.. hehehhehe

Syu said...

ohh hehee so ni dah kira senior "otai" lah ni. hahaa :D

Anonymous said...

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